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Making a great product is not enough anymore. In this competitive world, manufacturers can no longer rely on low prices, high quality and on-time delivery alone to keep them on top. Success requires that you enhance your competitive advantage.

A manufacturing company has extensive inventories to track and move, a greater number of products to generate, numerous suppliers to negotiate with and quality standards to maintain. It also has an ever-increasing need to acquire, satisfy and retain additional customers to remain profitable. Because of these complex pressures, it is imperative that all the links in the supply chain be managed successfully.

VST works with such organizations to set the direction by rapidly locating and evaluating strategic options from a diverse range of relevant business and technology perspectives.

The basic objective of our engagement is to enable manufacturing organizations to:

  • Globalize their operations
  • Control costs
  • Deploy from existing resources for new opportunities fulfillment
  • Facilitate enhanced and competitive products and services to end customer

VST solutions deliver critical advantage by helping companies turn data into knowledge, enabling them to develop unique demand, supply, operational and customer insights. As a result, companies improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their supply chain, manufacturing process and after-sales service network, thus maximizing profits at optimal levels of customer satisfaction.

We work closely with organizations to integrate their Information Systems with their business processes keeping in mind the organization’s core competencies and business objectives, thereby resulting in sustainable competitive advantage.

Consequently we are able to deliver innovative solutions with measurable business benefits to manufacturing organizations worldwide. We combine our manufacturing applications expertise with our execution excellence to deliver high quality and cost-effective IT services and solutions.