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208_photo Clip on light meter for both incident and reflected light measurement: TWINMATE L-208The Twinmate L-208 can be mounted on the camera’s hot shoe using accessory shoe mounting plate.Compact body and design fit in classic cameras without built-in exposure meter.

Recommended use:

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Main feature

Instant Reading of Aperture/Shutter Combinations with Dial Ring

It is possible to read combinations of aperture values and shutter speeds on the dial ring at one view.

Shoe Mounting on Camera

The accessory shoe is mounted on hot shoe of camera by using shoe mounting plate. (Standard accessory for L-208) The mounting location of the shoe mounting plate is variable and therefore mount it correctly for the camera that you are using.

One Hand Operation

It is possible to operate with one hand by using the guide needle position retained during 15 seconds after measurement.

L208_1Selection of Reflected or Incident Light Measurement at one touch of a Sliding the Lumisphere.

You can select reflected or incident light measurement by sliding the lumisphere until it clicks. The light receiving angle for reflected light is 33 degrees (approx. 73mm) corresponds to approx. 70% of angle for 50mm standard lens of 35mm SLR camera (approx. 46 degrees). Make measurements using the fan-shaped lines indicating 33º light receiving angle on the scale plate as a guide.

Main function

  • Match needle
  • EV (Exposure Value) reading
  • Battery indicator
  • Retaining of measuring needle
  • Shoe mounting on camera

How to Use L-208

L208_2 STEP1
You can select incident or reflected measurement by sliding the lumisphere to the right or left until it clicks.
L208_3 STEP2
You can set ISO in ISO indicator by rotating ISO switch over knob on the dial ring.
L208_4 STEP3
Hold meter erect and press measuring button to make a measurement. Release measuring button to complete the measurement after the oscillated guide needle stops.
L208_5 STEP4
When the button is released, it will retain its position for about 15 seconds. Rotate dial ring during that time, align match needle with the guide needle.You can read combinations of aperture values and shutter speeds on the scale.

Technical Data