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Visual Laboratory Information Management System (vLIMS)
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In today typical scientific laboratory there is a large amount of data that must be tracked and analyzed. It process thousands of samples per week. This makes tracking and sorting the data very cumbersome. Each day processes and test become more complex and require more data management and processing. These requirements lead to spike in costs to laboratories.

Visual Sparks Technologies (VST) recognizes the need for laboratory automation and has developed a complete Visual Laboratory Management Information System (vLIMS). vLIMS is a web based application which allows for customizable and easily accessible system. vLIMS has a proven track record both in decentralized and centralized, global enterprise installations. This architecture simultaneously encompasses diverse requirements, multi-lingual support, and high level security across many different time zones and applications.

vLIMS meets all GLP requirements by providing full sample tracking, user certification, instrument and calibration management, standards & reagents management, full auditing, CFR21 Part 11, report and sample scheduling, bar coding, on-line help, and many other functions. Routine management reports, secure reports, data mining and fingertip production of graphical reports allow many type of user easy access to information. vLIMS provides an unparalleled range of standard functionality to all users and delivers comprehensive capability and compliance, with no compromise.

Key Features:

  • A customizable web based easy to use interface.
  • Coupling specimen Management with Integrative Analytics.
  • Provides continuous access to doctors, patients, and technicians to there respective data.
  • Allows patients to register them selves on the system maintain medical history.
  • Allows doctors to register through corporate website view test results in real time.
  • Allows for specific level of security provision to each user.
  • Allows administrators to register users and assign rights.
  • Run Tests on the given specimen and keep records of all such tests, their pre-condition, post conditions and results.
  • Efficiently place annotated samples into inventory.
  • Bar code tracking system to find individual units/vials/aliquots within a box.
  • Maintains the material distribution history.
  • Has a provision of compliance. The lab result entries are double-checked for accuracy.
  • Compatibility with variety of Machine Interfaces (RS-232 DE 9 Serial port, RJ 45 port).
  • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) for the security and privacy of patient health data.
  • Has a rich support for a web calendar that notifies user of all important activities on monthly, weekly and daily basis.
  • Provides high levels of performance in handling large Volumes of data and simultaneous users.
  • Logs application exceptions in a consistent format to effectively diagnose application problems.
  • Supporting GLP Operations and ICD 10, CPT coding and HL7 compliant.

For more information, please contact at info@visualsparks.net