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Visual Picture Archive Communication System (vPACS)
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A Visual Picture Archive Communication System (vPACS) is a network of computers that store, share, and display digital images taken in Diagnostic Imaging. After an imaging procedure (X-ray, MRI, Ultra-Sound), the images are immediately available for viewing via a secure PACS computer network. A radiologist reviews the images and dictates a report for your healthcare provider.

VST has the most innovative solutions in the healthcare market aimed at solving real-world customer problems. vPACS is a Web-based PACS system that delivers unmatched functionality to your radiologists, your radiology staff, your IT support staff, and your referring physicians.

Key Benefits of vPACS:

  • You can operate almost completely without traditional radiology film.
  • Reduces costs associated with hard film and saves valuable storage space.
  • Reduces the chance of data loss
  • Optimizes services and makes data accessible from any location immediately, which saves costs.
  • PACS supports clinicians in performing their roles and contributes to a more efficient and advanced twenty-first century health service.
  • Post processing available on digital high quality images results in better diagnosis.
  • Modular Approach allows integration with our Hospital Management Information system.

Key Features of Visual PACS / RIS:

The depth of innovation in Visual PACS is unrivaled:

  • An elegant architecture that engineers out the complexity inherent in legacy PACS.
  • Completely web based user interface allows for accessibility from any workstation.
  • Personalized workflow.
  • Images, priors, reports, and all relevant patient information are available within powerful Web-based workstations
  • Patient exams are tracked and distributed in real-time, .
  • Unmatched integration capabilities allow you to work seamlessly with other systems and devices.
  • Complete image reporting at client side i.e. stripping, stacking, simultaneous comparison of different images to extract useful information etc.
  • Complete image processing at client side i.e. inversion, rotation, flipping, magnifying, different views (grayscale etc.), true color display etc.
  • Data compression for transmitting examinations.
  • Sharing of images amongst users.
  • Full DICOM Printing (resolution of up to 4K, printing on paper or film, selection printing etc.)
  • Online usage of PACS by any user (not only administrator) Already discussed above
  • Capability to fully re-construct PACS from saved backups
  • HL7 interface engine include, DICOM standard communication

For more information, please contact at info@visualsparks.net