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vSTMS Research
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Visual Specimen Tracking & Management System (vSTMS) – Research

Visual Sparks Technologies (VST) helps clients comply with regulatory mandates and maintain detailed specimen records with our proprietary Visual Specimen Tracking & Management System (vSTMS). vSTMS allows every detail of biological specimen storage and handling to be continuously monitored, reported and tracked. Designed to specifically meet basic requirements such as collection, sequencing, testing, storing and retrieval, vSTMS offers a complete solution to support any aspect of specimen management.

Key Features of vSTMS:

  • Web based interactive interface
  • Multi layer security and access
  • Modular design
  • User defined workflow
  • Built-in search engine
  • Stores gross and microscopic images
  • Batch/Lot management
  • Order and shipment management
  • Logistics information integrated into all audit trails
  • Barcode driven
  • Report generation capability
  • FDA validation services
  • HIPAA and CFR21 Part II compliance
  • ICD and SNOMED compatibility

In creating STMS, we partnered with proven software development experts and applied practical experience in global clinical sample management, bio-banking research and manufacturing to develop the most sophisticated system on the market. STMS follows HIPPA and FDA Title 21 CFR Part 11 guidelines. In addition to passing a rigorous internal testing process conducted by our company, STMS has met or exceeded all requirements of every independent audit conducted by bio-storage technologies’ clients. It also offers a query option employing ICD and SNOMED coding systems.

For more information, please contact at info@visualsparks.net