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Business Process Management
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VST has delivered mission-critical systems for some of the world’s most complex and risk-adverse organizations. VST’s BPM practice is a dedicated unit, focused on business process transformation and BPM implementation, comprised of recognized industry leaders who have helped shape the market since its inception and have the greatest window of visibility on where it’s going.

VST’s user-centric approach enables rapid prototyping of designs, with iterative refinements resulting from user research, usability testing, and stakeholder feedback. Drawing on proven methodologies as well as CMMI Level 3 and ISO 9000 certified processes, VST is able accelerate to time-to-value, while reducing the cost, complexity and risk at each stage of the project.

Our comprehensive training competency ensures that proper change management is preformed, and that the BPM initiative delivers optimal value and predictable results when deploying Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) BPM to access real-time business process visualization, optimization and transformation capabilities.


  • Experienced Implementer of COTS BPMS Solutions
  • Superior BPR Program Manager of Large Enterprise Business Improvement and Process Automation Capability Deployments
  • CMMI Level 3 and ISO 9000 Qualifications to Deliver Quality and Eliminate, Mitigate, and Manage Risk


  • Systems Integration for BPM, ECM, and SOA
  • COTS Product Evaluation and Justification
  • Training and Change Management
  • Business Case Development and Transition Workshop
  • Process Modeling, Benchmarking and Transformation
  • Case Management Implementation
  • 45-Day Quick Start BPMS Proof of Concept

Supported by VST expertise in business modeling, requirements, and re-engineering, our BPM methodology follows an evolutionary deployment model leveraging user participation with iterative solution development. VST applies rapid prototyping of individual modules early in the planning process. Modules are tested and corrected on the basis of actual participant user interface experience, therefore, pilot prototypes display a high degree of adaptation and reversibility as well as result in rapid competence gains among users. The cornerstone of VST’s lifecycle development approach is its unique Enterprise Lifecycle Integration and Technology Engineering Methodology.