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Health Research Technology
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VST improves human health by providing researchers with technology tools that speed discovery and validation. With an exclusive focus on public health, our IT consultants speak your language and understand the nuances of supporting health research through technology. We offer programmatic and technical support to help navigate the complexities of IT system operations, planning and implementation; data privacy, security and connectivity; research grants administration; and regulatory compliance.

After analyzing your current environment and research goals, we identify the most effective and cost-efficient ways to solve existing and future information challenges. From end-to-end infrastructure design to sophisticated bioinformatics analyses, our solutions improve data quality and access and expand analytic capabilities. For years, we’ve worked with government agencies, academic institutions, leading healthcare providers and clinical research organizations worldwide to help advance human health through technology.


  • Speeds time to discovery
  • Facilities information sharing while maintaining security
  • Increases administrative efficiencies
  • Enables cost-effective system expansion
  • Provides data security and integrity
  • Ensures regulatory compliance
  • Reduces cost of providing IT services


  • Strategic planning and analysis
  • IT infrastructure and operations support
  • Research administration and applications
  • Bioinformatics systems development, analysis and training

Success stories

  • Developed award-winning Web sites for the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to give consumers access to the health information they need
  • Designed a microarray Web-based platform to store high-throughput gene expression for a premier bioinformatics initiative that supports biomedical researchers at NIH
  • Created a Bioinformatics Resource Center for Biodefense. The initiative supports organisms (Category A-C priority pathogens) and those causing emerging and re-emerging diseases
  • Manage and operate a 24×7 state-of-the-art network and telecommunications infrastructure for the NIH community
  • Provide multi-discipline, comprehensive support for NIH strategic initiatives like the Office of Management dashboard, HSPD-12, and NIH Pandemic Flu and Continuity of Operations Plan