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Mobile Application Development
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Mobile & PDA Software Development Services

Pacing up-to-date solutions with rapidly growing needs of modern businesses, Visual Sparks Technologies (VST) expands its PDA & Mobile development capabilities.

VST provides outsourcing mobile development services for both consumer and enterprise clients and considered as one of the leading mobile software development providers. Being committed to providing custom mobile application development of the highest quality, VST has successfully completed over 90 software development and testing projects in PDA & Mobile domain and contributed to success of many large companies.

We consistently deliver excellent results to our customers by providing them with outstanding mobile software development solutions which completely match their business needs. Our experts carry an extensive experience and strong skills in mobile software development technology and latest techniques and always find the most appropriate solution for custom mobile applications development.

Mobile Development Expertise

Our mobile & PDA solutions cover the development of various projects with different complexity: from multimedia and entertainment applications to complex enterprise and business solutions and full-scale applications with complex modules. Our team is proficient in various mobile and Wireless technologies (GPS, WAP, GPRS, Bluetooth, IrDA, Wi-Fi)

Our Mobile & PDA expertise includes:

  • Custom mobile software development
  • Embedded mobile application development
  • Location Based Services for mobile devices
  • Integration of Mobile solutions to Enterprise Systems
  • Porting applications across various mobile platforms
  • Multimedia and entertainment mobile applications design and development
  • Banking and financial mobile application development
  • Video and audio applications for mobile devices
  • Creating websites for mobile devices
  • Mobile payment services
  • IP solutions for mobile devices

Mobile Development Technologies

At VST our qualified specialists are proficient at offshore mobile application development for multiple platforms:

iPhone Application Development

iPhone is one of the newest multi-function mobile platforms enabled with Internet and multimedia functionality, high-quality display and an innovative interface and one of the most popular mobile platforms widely used for creation various business and entertainment solutions.

VST developers have acquired profound experience in iPhone application development of various complexity and creating custom iPhones applications for different categories:

  • Web and Desktop Applications for iPhone
  • Games, Sport & Media Broadcasting applications
  • iPhone Books, Libraries, News
  • Travelling and Navigation apps
  • Custom iPhone Utilities
  • Social Networking
  • SMS, and E-mail management solutions
  • iPhone applications porting

Android Application Development

VST expertise in mobile solutions includes Android application development for Smartphones, PDAs, Pocket PC and other mobile devices. Our Android specialists use latest development technologies, Java and Android framework for creation of custom applications.

VST custom Android solutions include:

  • Mobile business software creation
  • Web applications for Android
  • Android Games and Multimedia applications development
  • Barcode Scanning solutions
  • Utility applications
  • Applications with GPS Navigation, Travel Guides, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi
  • Android libraries building

BlackBerry Application Development

VST team has deep expertise on custom BlackBerry application development and has amassed a substantial experience in creating various BlackBerry solutions from simple enterprise applications to complex platform programming as well as porting applications to BlackBerry.


VST BlackBerry development expertise includes Blackberry MDS and BlackBerry J2ME development, using RIM BlackBerry JDE and other development tools.

VST BlackBerry software development covers the following areas:

  • Custom BlackBerry applications for business
  • BlackBerry applications porting
  • BlackBerry E-commerce solutions
  • Multimedia and entertainment applications development
  • VoIP GPS applications
  • Barcoding applications

Symbian Application Development

VST team has profound experience and deep expertise in custom mobile application development for Symbian OS. Symbian is very suitable for various applications creation and enables lots of functions and functionality implementation.


Our solutions are based on professionalism of our specialists as well as modern equipment for mobile development and include custom application development, consulting, interface design, porting and migration between different platforms & technologies, etc.

VST Symbian application development solutions expertise covers:

  • Custom Symbian development for mobile devices
  • Client/Server Symbian applications development
  • Multimedia and entertainment Symbian mobile software development
  • Applications with GPS Navigation & Tracking
  • SMS/MMS, Bluetooth, SyncML and Graphics capabilities solutions
  • Security software for mobile devices
  • Bluetooth-based mobile software development
  • Wireless communication

Windows Mobile Application development

VST is an expert in Windows mobile software development and offers various solutions of creating applications for Smartphones, games, interface design, Pocket PC software development and porting and use various programming tools and technologies for creation of custom windows mobile applications.

Our Windows mobile outsourcing services are handled by strong specialists with profound experience in mobile technology and based on flexibility and usability of our Windows mobile solutions.

VST Windows mobile software development covers the following areas:

  • Custom windows mobile applications development
  • Windows mobile applications porting and integration
  • Embedded software development
  • Games and Multimedia mobile software development
  • Bluetooth applications
  • Windows mobile application with GPS Navigation & Tracking solutions
  • Wireless communication
  • Mobile books & Dictionaries

J2ME Application Development

J2ME is a Java platform designed for mobile devices and embedded systems and one of the widely used development platforms for mobile applications.

VST expertise in J2ME solutions covers a great number of custom applications development, porting and support. We utilize the latest technologies and deep knowledge and deliver applications with great functionality. We implement various features to our custom mobile solutions: customized user interface, uploading of video files to a server, video recording by a mobile phone camera, management and files sharing, etc.

VST J2ME software development covers the following types of applications:

  • Multimedia and entertainment Applications
  • Mobile business software creation
  • Web services development using J2ME
  • Custom mobile applications with GPS Navigation
  • SMS/MMS Solutions
  • Bluetooth Solutions
  • Video Broadcasting

Palm Application Development

Palm OS is an embedded operating system for PDAs and other handheld devices, enabled with touchscreen-based graphical user interface and big choice of widgets.

VST team is professional in software development for Palm, based on C/C++ languages and Palm devices on the basis of web OS and develops excellent quality embedded applications with various features and functionality.

VST Palm software development includes:

  • Web and Desktop Applications for iPhone
  • Games, Sport & Media Broadcasting applications
  • iPhone Books, Libraries, News
  • Travelling and Navigation apps
  • Custom iPhone Utilities
  • Social Networking
  • SMS, and E-mail management solutions
  • iPhone applications porting