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Functional Testing
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At VST we focus software testing on validating business solutions, rather than just testing software. Our test professionals combine the right balance of functional testing best practices and test approach flexibility to tailor an optimal test strategy for every client situation.

With rich experience in functional domain and proficiency in approaches, methodology and process, we provide comprehensive testing solution for our customers.

Our functional testing services include:

  • End-to-End Testing
  • System Integration Testing
  • User Acceptance Testing

End-to-end Testing Services

We provide complete testing services, from testing requirements to test execution, with extensive reporting and management. Our services span a wide spectrum of activities from unit testing to user acceptance testing to production release support, including:

  • Analysis of functional business needs
  • Identification and selection of processes
  • Planning, strategy and execution
  • Measurement dashboards

System Integration Testing Services

Our system integration testing services ensure application functionality performance in an integrated environment through rigorous module testing and interaction with external systems.

User Acceptance Testing Services

Our user acceptance testing services ensure that the applications meet end-user functional requirements.

VST Provides

  • Testing professionals with proven expertise in test strategy, planning and test execution techniques
  • Testing professionals with experience across a variety of technologies and testing tools (both commercial and, increasingly, Open Source)
  • Test expertise specific to our key industries communications & technology; banking, financial services & insurance; media & information
  • Tailored testing approaches and processes to meet a wide range of development methodologies

Our innovative rules-based testing framework, Vrule, for testing complex rules-based applications helps to:

  • Automatically generate robust test cases
  • Minimize test case maintenance time and cost
  • Significantly increase test coverage
  • Establish traceability back to system requirements

Our functional testing services ensure that application functionality addresses defined business needs and product quality is enhanced, while reducing both time-to-market and cost of testing.