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Performance Testing
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VST believes that performance and load testing activities must start early in the software development life cycle, in order to address performance related requirements and configure the test design and also development efforts in line with that. The performance issues detected before the launch might lead to costly reworks and stressful launching. VST’s robust performance testing framework – PerfFrame uses well defined process and methodology for executing performance testing activities through the test life cycle.

Our PerfFrame provide clients an accurate picture of how to address performance requirements in terms of application, network, servers etc to do load, stress, volume etc.

As performance testing includes load, stress, scalability, reliability and volume testing, VST assess the right test required for the application. For example, some load tests focus on testing the application for the designed load limit in terms of number of virtual users to assess the performance level. Stress testing is designed in such a way the virtual users for multiple load cycles to increase the duration and increased number of hits by reducing think times.

Across these different test types, our performance testing approach makes applications more reliable by identifying where, when and under what circumstances the application breaks.