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Specialized Testing
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In addition to our core testing service offerings, we provide specialized testing service offerings to meet the specific emerging needs of our clients.

Our specialized testing service offerings include:

Internationalization Testing

Many enterprise software companies serve international markets, requiring their products to function correctly in many languages and support local laws, regulations and business practices.

Detecting software problems in internationalized software is a significant challenge. Internationalization testing must ensure that the code is capable of handling international features without data loss or display problems. The product must be verified and tested for all local test conditions and permutations. Similarly, IT organizations that deploy their custom applications in multiple countries often face similar challenges, and must ensure their code works properly across languages and local business practices.

VST’s experience in internationalization testing offers our clients the assurance that they can deploy their software successfully on a global basis. Our experience in testing world-ready applications enables us to understand how to alter the testing approach for internationalization. Many large enterprises have benefited from our internationalization testing phased approach.

Our motto for proper internationalization testing is: “Develop a generic, tool-independent design following I18N standards.”

Security Testing

Software application security and Internet security are now critical factors in IT performance, impacting everything from business continuity to cost management.

VST has deep expertise in testing for Internet security. For example, IBM Internet Security Systems (ISS) provides network security products and services that protect against Internet threats. We have many years of experience assisting IBM in building and supporting these products, and we apply that experience in testing our clients’ system security. We help our clients understand their threat environment, identify what information to protect, and choose the security solution that best meets their needs. We have expertise in testing security solutions based on world-renowned security intelligence and the most up-to-date information on threats and vulnerabilities.

Our application penetration testing experts identify potential vulnerabilities from the Internet. Our comprehensive Security Testing Framework – VSTeF helps to identify the susceptibility of an application to hacker attacks and other types of unauthorized software penetration by combining both static and dynamic testing solutions.

Data Migration Testing

VST’s data migration testing services ensure that programs developed to migrate data in legacy applications to new platforms work correctly. We have built deep experience in data migration and testing migration programs, in line with industry standards.

We have broad expertise in data migration testing, including:

  • Extract, transform and load (ETL) and reporting tool experience
  • Automated testing tool experience
  • Query language experience
  • Specific experience in one or more source or target system languages
  • Deep knowledge of data structures and business rules

Certification Testing

Software applications that are deployed in heterogeneous environments need to be tested and certified for functional integrity across multiple platforms and configurations. This is achieved by executing the same set of tests across all target platforms and environments. VST’s certification testing services verify that application functionality works correctly across all target platforms and configurations.

Our testing professionals combine the right balance of certification testing best practices and test approach flexibility to tailor an optimal test strategy for every client situation. We apply proven testing techniques, testing best practices and highly-skilled test experts to address software compatibility issues.

BPM Testing

IT organizations implementing business process management (BPM) solutions are facing significant challenges-managing workflows, testing rules-based configurations, and ensuring compatibility with updated versions. Much of the complexity encountered in a BPM project lies in software testing – selecting the right test strategy, automating rules-based testing, conducting realistic performance testing, and testing for compatibility and internationalization.

To address these challenges, organizations often turn to IT service providers who understand the industry domain, BPM product and the unique requirements of BPM testing.

VST offers comprehensive testing services that assure organizations a high level of software quality. Our Center of Excellence (CoE) maintains a large pool of technical and business consultants. Our consultants specialize in banking, financial services, insurance, communications and other varied industries, with skill profiles ranging from domain specialists to test managers and test specialists.

Our testing experience includes:

  • The PRPC core platform
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Exception Management
  • Case & Dispute and Investigation Management

With our proven tools, methods and accelerators, our BPM CoE ensures that customers get robust BPM implementations, faster rollouts, timely upgrades, dependable production support and effective testing.

Datawarehousing Testing
A datawarehouse is a cohesive data model that defines the central data repository for an organization.
Testing plays an important role in the successful development of a datawarehouse.

VST’s primary focus of datawarehouse testing is the confirmation that the database structures, extract transformation and load (ETL) processes, and the front end access processes fully support the business requirements of the knowledge workers and decision makers within the business community.

VST’s efficient and dedicated datawarehouse testing methodology benefits the client in achieving the following:

  • Confirmation that the databases (target structures) of the datawarehouse and/or dependent data marts enable easy and accurate access to business data to support the business requirements
  • Validation that the ETL process accurately moves data from the source system to the warehouse
  • Validation that transformation and data cleansing processes are properly executed in the ETL process when populating the datawarehouse
  • Validations that aggregations and summarization in the datawarehouse are accurate
  • Confirmations that the populations of the dependent data marts from the datawarehouse are consistent with the business requirements for each data mart
  • Validation that front end query and report design fully and accurately support business requirements
  • Validation that the network infrastructure supports data transports and access of data efficiently and effectively
  • Confirmation that security measures provide the expected level of protection and access to data within the system

VST follows specific measurable success criteria in executing an effective and timey datawarehouse test. We define the criteria in the requirements and analysis phase of the datawarehouse development cycle, which is further refined to support specific ETL and front-end access requirements. The success criterion of VST is developed based on scope document, business requirements and technical requirements of the client. VST’s data strategy ensures accuracy and increases the efficiency of testing. VST’ successful implementation of datawarehouse testing is complimented with our test approach which involves multiple levels of testing in turn ensures coverage and quality of testing for the client.

Usability Testing

In this era of speed; users want tools to be easy, tasks to be simple, applications to be friendly and interfaces to be navigable. There are several instances when applications and websites have failed, in turn resulting in business failures. Poor usability is now construed as sub-optimal software performance. Businesses run the risk of losing on sales and client loyalty and in turn revenue when their applications do not allow ease of use.

VST’s Usability testing solutions allows organizations to:

  • Make their applications and websites more intuitive, simple, easy to use and more engaging for the users
  • Mitigate the risks of design failures in a live environment
  • Evaluate real time responses of customers using the site
  • Resolve interface issues prior to development and deployment
  • Cut costs on correction of usability issues by identifying and eliminating them at design stage itself
  • Obtain an accurate picture of user interaction with the system and site
  • Develop web applications that are:
    • Usable and useful
    • Desirable and valuable
    • Findable and accessible
    • Credible