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Development Services
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Using rapid development techniques imbedded in our Global Innovation Process (GIP) methodology, we design, build, test and implement complex applications using appropriate state-of-the-art tools and technology, combined with our tightly-integrated global delivery model.

Our platforming approach to application development gives us a unique perspective on the transformative power of highly-configurable agile applications. We adopt the following points of view in executing all our development projects:

  • In designing applications, we look beyond the immediate project scope to extend our view to related applications with common data and business functions, taking care to identify a synergy among common services
  • Out of that broader view, we build an application roadmap that addresses the common services and data that can be implemented immediately, as well as those that will be built over a period of time with future releases
  • We also view each application as part of a software platform, designing applications for high configurability and software reuse, using layered architecture
  • We give attention to application integration points to ensure that we address data flows in and out of each application

Our development services include:

  • Solution and Platform Development: Application design, build, SQA and testing, documentation, training and implementation
  • Legacy Transformation and Migration: Application analysis, technology evaluation and selection, development, software quality assurance and testing, and implementation
  • Enterprise Application Integration (EAI): Service-oriented architecture (SOA), web services design, development and implementation