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Legacy Asset Management
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We specialize in the full Conceive, Transform and Optimize software life cycle for our clients. Our deep software product expertise from ten years of building products gives us a unique perspective when it comes to IT architecture and the right software platform. This insight enables us to quickly understand our clients’ “as-is” state, envision their “to-be” state, and conceive an optimal roadmap to get there. We embody our unique service in our proven Strategic Enterprise IT Roadmap (STEIR) methodology.

STEIR is a structured service offering for assessing existing systems and IT assets (the “as-is” state), understanding how business imperatives translate into IT requirements, and recommending the right IT platform, solution architecture, transition strategy and approach to meet them (the “to-be” state).

The outcome is an enterprise IT roadmap that takes today’s collection of disparate systems, updates them for today’s technology, and streamlines them into a clear software platform that anticipates evolving business needs at accelerating pace.