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MS SharePoint Content driven Collaboration
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No matter its size or industry, every company is looking for that special edge. And, companies typically turn to core enabling technologies to drive competitive advantage whether through business process agility, productivity improvement, data integration, customer self-services or other means. Collaborative content is rapidly becoming the next frontier for IT-enabled breakthroughs.

We believe that our application outsourcing services are differentiated because they are based on the principle of migrating installed applications to flexible platforms that can sustain further growth and business change. We do this by:

Consider the adjacent case studies:

  • The introduction of sales and store portals has enabled Starbucks to standardize processes, manage sales programs and inventory, and share information across its franchises. These portals, built on Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS), have driven greater efficiency and storefront control throughout Starbucks.
  • Mary Kay Cosmetics recently converted its employee information systems to SharePoint, giving 4,000 employees access to the information and business processes that they need to do their jobs better. The functionality ranges from human resource forms and documents to enterprise search.
  • VST has re-engineered its own global infrastructure using SharePoint for project management, document collaboration and internal reporting functions. Since deploying these applications we have experienced both greater efficiency and performance breakthroughs as teams around the world see the same information in their own context.

Recognizing the power of content-driven collaboration technology to achieve breakthrough business process improvement, VST has built a solution center with business consulting, user experience and design and implementation specialists who understand the MOSS platform, and who are skilled in building a broad range of applications on it.

The bottom line: there is good reason that Gartner projects SharePoint to be deployed throughout the enterprise: team collaboration is that powerful. There is also good reason why Gartner projects that half of those installations will not be effective: that’s where VST comes in.

Our SharePoint expertise includes:

  • Storage and access to digital assets, such as multiple document drafts, high-resolution and Web-ready graphics, and original and edited video submittals
  • Workgroup collaboration applications, sharing information about project status, customers and relevant business data
  • Integrated workflow applications, combining Microsoft Office applications with SharePoint workflow rules and document repository
  • Dashboards for report status, key performance indicators and business intelligence personalized by business role

VST’s SharePoint Service Offerings


The real breakthroughs achievable from these applications are derived from the simplicity, speed and agility of the platform. Anyone can launch a new form or feature, anyone can administer a portal, and anyone can have a great document collaboration idea that can be in production in days, not weeks.
So, how do you get started? First, we recommend identifying one moderate-sized application to demonstrate the user experience and power of a SharePoint application-it will catch on from there! Second, any organization that is considering SharePoint should configure the infrastructure and architect the SharePoint and supporting servers to deliver on the promise of speed and power, without sacrificing the future breadth and scalability of the configuration.

VST has the resources and the expertise to design your collaborative application, deploy and configure MOSS, architect the system for future growth and extensibility, and develop the high-end applications that enable new processes and integrate with Microsoft Office. In addition, we bring unique experience in enterprise platforming to every engagement, enabling the reuse and integration of existing enterprise assets for maximum ROI and minimum time-to-market.

Industry Solutions:

Our Media, Information and Entertainment practice has broad, deep expertise in conceiving and implementing the following solutions that are specific to media, information and entertainment companies:

  • Publishing solutions: content management (in partnership with Vignette), editorial multi-purposing
  • Information provider solutions: service-oriented architecture (SOA) delivery systems, portal integration
  • Web site development: Web content management, Web 2.0 development, Web site personalization
  • Syndicators: Aggregated content sources, search-driven delivery
  • Back-office applications: Development of rights management systems, rationalization and consolidation of multiple billing/contract systems
  • Process integration: Data warehousing, customer relationship management and order-to-cash systems and integration
  • Search-driven applications: Design and development of enterprise search solutions (in partnership with FAST!).