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Software Testing Practice
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Industry Challenges

IT organizations are continuously seeking to deliver business value through cost reduction, business process integration, better data quality, higher service quality and greater agility. Strategically, companies are restructuring their IT organizations and adopting multi-unit, multi-location-based service delivery for greater effectiveness. Operationally, they are seeking to stabilize technologies and IT operations through process standardization and best practices. As traditional software testing processes are getting adapted to this new environment, organizations are blending multiple methodologies to achieve their operational and financial goals.


Traditionally, software quality assurance (SQA) and testing were seen as lower priorities tagged at the end of a development life cycle prior to software product launch or application delivery. Of late, a significant shift has taken place in IT circles, recognizing the strategic role that robust, mature SQA and testing functions play in delivering software quality, increasing customer satisfaction and achieving targeted cost savings. Today on average 40% of IT project budgets are allocated to testing. While the benefits of testing are well-understood, IT organizations still struggle to test software efficiently and effectively. Simply put, software testing is hard to do well.

To overcome these software testing challenges, VST brings a holistic new approach for predictable, efficient and cost-effective software testing.

Our software testing practice is built upon three cornerstones: Process & Methodology, Technology and Organization.


VST software testing service offerings enable our clients to achieve predicable, efficient and cost-effective software quality. We have built a wealth of proven expertise and experience in software test engineering gained from years of software testing projects for enterprise software companies and IT organizations. Our wide range of testing services encompasses five core offerings designed to complement an organization’s existing quality assurance activities:

VST has a dedicated software testing practice that is the center of our software testing delivery, intellectual property creation, and thought leadership. It consists of a world-class team with software testing experts in white box testing, functionality testing, performance testing, usability testing, integration testing and test automation.

Our software testing practice contains integrated testing processes and methodologies, automation frameworks and tools, and a performance testing center of excellence.


VST Center of Excellence (TCoE)

TCoE is designed to enhance the testing capabilities of the enterprises and reduce their overall testing time and costs.

Leveraging VST Testing Center of Excellence for all enterprise testing helps increase customer satisfaction by:

  • Expediting the testing lifecycle, reducing cycle time and improving time to market
  • Establishing enterprise metrics and benchmarks that proactively identify the bottlenecks, risks and contingencies
  • Assisting in continuous improvement of testing practices and ensuring test initiatives are streamlined with release schedules
  • Establishing enterprise test management and governance standards
  • Reducing operating costs and delivering increased capability by strengthening the weakest link

The key components of TCoE are:

  • Rigorous processes and Metrics
    • Test planning and estimation
    • Test management and test reporting
    • Metrics tracking, defect management
  • Tools and Accelerators
    • framework for testing rule based application
    • automation framework with reusable function libraries
    • performance testing framework which facilitates effective performance
    • security testing framework for comprehensive security testing solutions
  • Expert Organization
    • Extensive technical and domain knowledge
    • Industry certifications