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The Visual Basic Modernization Imperative
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IT organizations are becoming more agile in order to better align with the business’s needs for faster time-to-market, higher productivity and enhanced customer service. To achieve this agility, the technology and foundation architecture needs to be malleable. Legacy systems, such as Microsoft Visual Basic (VB) applications, are obstacles to IT agility and are ripe for modernization. Moreover, Microsoft has recently announced de-support for VB version 6, forcing IT organizations to deal with their legacy VB application portfolios by replacing them or migrating them to the Java or Microsoft .NET platforms.

Key challenges from continuing to depend on Visual Basic applications include:

  • Business and operational risk due to VB6 de-support by Microsoft
  • Increasing cost of maintenance and support for VB
  • Depleting talent pool for VB-based technologies
  • Lack of interoperability with enterprise application standards
  • Inability to scale client/server applications across a distributed, Web or mobile infrastructure
  • Inflexibility to integrate with a services-oriented, reusable platform
  • Emergence of best-of-breed solutions and best practices based on Microsoft .NET and Java standards that are better alternatives for building next-generation business applications

Our Approach for Modernizing VB Applications into Agile Business Systems

We have a business-driven approach to legacy IT modernization, focusing on business value, customer experience and operational benefits. Our technical approach emphasizes harvesting existing information assets for asset reuse, covering process optimization, architecture, platform and user experience. We leverage best-of-breed packages and open-source components and frameworks to reduce code footprint, improve agility and build extensible application platforms for the future.

VST’s VB Application Modernization Service Offerings

  • Modernization assessments and roadmaps
  • Target architecture planning and definition
  • Migration of VB applications to agile business solutions (using SOA, Web 2.0, .NET and Java)
  • Quality assurance and testing
  • Application support, maintenance and on-going IT portfolio optimization

VST – Your Partner in VB Modernization

  • Several insurance industry projects with significant insurance application modernization work
  • VB6.0 to .NET migration for a real-time retail software vendor
  • Complete application migration for a contract and transaction compliance management solution provider