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Corporate Development
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Corporate clients are often seeking to develop their capability to deliver successful projects and we can support you in a number of ways including:

  1. Parallel project monitoring which aims to build the capability to deliver the most complex projects on time.
  2. The design of a tailored training course targeted at a specific business need, such as the improvement of risk management.
  3. Highly engaging and interactive training will help you develop your understanding of project management.

Our approach to corporate development uses our parallel development process, providing a framework to discover your true business needs, design a course specific to you, deliver the development and then evaluate the benefits to your organization.


Our training will also provide you with an opportunity to discuss the practical problems that are common on many projects. This course offers the additional benefit of learning the fundamentals of project management in an environment which encourages participants to bring their project management experiences into the training room.

Upon completion, participants will gain practical experience of applying the key project management techniques.